Kicking things off

General / 25 February 2018

What's This Blog About

With the addition of this feature I have slowly been adjusting to it and the mentality that goes with it. Currently my site has a sketchbook section that is mainly reserved for those works of art that are cool and exploritory, but might not be portfolio worthy. I am going to take that page and keep adding to it, but I am also going to be making blog posts in tandem to sketchbook and all further portfolio releases. I am going to frame these posts as if I am writing an article for lvl.80, cg society, or any other 3D site. I want to not only show you the exploration I am doing the my art, but talk about what I learned along the way.

Coming Home From Work

This isn't really anything that is going to stay on my sketch book page, but I wanted to show something. For anyone that comes across this. 

Everyday I walk home from work to the parking ramp I keep my car in I see this magnificent church in the city with several styles of bricks strewn throughout the walls. Each one has a different sheen to it and makes this magical mosaic along the walls. I had to capture the moment and share it. 

The Possibilities

I think editing this tool longer then the actual adventure to shoot it. I played with so many different styles from close up and surreal to edgy and graphic. I ended up settling on this haze with a splash of color as I think it accentuates the spectacularity in the wall that I found so beautiful.